Negative after taxes

Since I couldn’t find this under the FAQ, unless I missed it, what happens if you go into the negative after taxes? I’ve been slowly selling horses to both cut back on numbers and to get rid of those not earning their keep and have another 13 in the youngstock auction this winter but I’m still at a super scary -$400,000 after taxes. I presume you have to keep selling until you’re no longer in the negative once taxes have been collected, but how long are you allowed to be in the negative until bad things happen? Just trying to plan ahead if my ponies can’t earn me that 400k+ come new years.

I think I read about that somewhere but couldn’t tell you where at the moment. I’ve sold studs or other expensive horses near tax time. I understand thinning out the herd, I have some now I need to thin , but I can’t! :frowning:
(hoarder) lol

Nothing happens if you’re in the red, you just can’t really “do” anything (ship, enter races, breed to non-free studs, etc). The game doesn’t kick you out or anything, though. :slight_smile:

That makes sense. So it is, “Sell until you’re no longer in the red,” but mostly because you can’t do a thing, haha. Thanks Shanthi!