Need Some Help

I’m going to be retiring my mare soon. She just doesn’t recover very well after racing. And I’d like some advise from you guys on who I should breed her to. Here is her information

Only mane problem I have is I need to keep the Stud Fee under $10,000 as I’m new and don’t have a lot of financing behind me.

I will not hold you responsible for the stallion I end up choosing. But thought I could inquire about some advice and insight.

Thank you

In response to your post about needing help finding a stud for your mare I noticed that you have 2 nice allowance horses (Sands of Time and Eureka) and that they were consistently placing and winning allowance races making them dependable money earners. Then this year they’ve started being ran in stakes races, a level they don’t appear to be ready for and aren’t performing well at all. If it were me, and this is just my two cents, I would take them both back to the allowance level and see how they do there before making any changes. A win in an allowance is 10x better than a 7th in a stakes and some horses just simply aren’t stakes level type horses. Eureka might still be able to be a dependable money earner at the allowance level, somethnig every new player needs. If it were me, I’d at least try that first, before retiring her, she can still be bred all the way until August if you still want her to be a broodmare.

I have to agree with Jade. She looks like a solid allowance horse. You have time to breed her and a lot of owners will give a break to new stables just ask.