Need some advice

I need some advice about what to do with one of my horses, a filly named Celebrity Image.

I bought her almost a year ago now and when I bought her I didn’t realize that she had a broken leg. I read some posts here on the forum that said that with a broken leg you should wait at least a year or more until doing anything with them. Its been a little over a year now since she broke her leg and I’m just trying to figure out what to do. Do I start working her, just walking, every once in a while now? Do I wait some more? Do I even have a chance that she could do anything if I raced her again?

I was hoping I could just make her a broodmare and be able to breed her when she turned 4. But I know that in order to become a broodmare they need to have raced 10 times and she’s only raced once. So that’s out of the question.

So what do I do with her? Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

I thought if they had a career ending injury such as a broken leg they didn’t need half to have 10 races to retire to the breeding barn.

They dont.  I do have a colt who came back from a broken leg and won his first race back, so it can be done.

I started him off walking after about a full year off that leg.  We just kept increasing that walk until I thought he was ready to jog.  It’ll depend on the horse, but he didnt need that much time.  I only galloped him once though, and that was to see if he could handle it before I raced him.  I tend to work him only at walk/jog even now cause I’m worried about that leg, and I refuse to work/race him without his wraps.

Still though, if you dont want to chance it Shanthi can probably make her a broodmare for you and you’d just wait till she was 4 before you could breed her.

The code will allow you to retire her early, though she won’t be able to be bred until she’s 4.

Or you could try bringing her back.  As Edea said, it can be done, though it’s a slow process (and the horse is more likely to reinjure themselves).

Thanks you guys! That’s awesome to know that I can still use her as a broodmare! I think I’ll probably start walking her, see how she does. That would be great if I can race her again. If not, then at least I can use her as a broodmare.

Again, Thanks!!

Shanthi, is there a way to prevent pre-maturely retired mares from showing up as an alert for being “Unbred”… I think my stable’s taunting me by reminding me that my nice 3yo filly went and broke her leg this year.  :stuck_out_tongue:

(Re-)fixed. :slight_smile: