Nearing the End

As he walks past a couple of stalls, Tom sees his two older mares standing quietly. He walks up to EdVenture and gives her a soft rub on her nose. She started her racing career late in her 5yo year. A nice looking mare, she’s been off her game for a while now. That doesn’t bother Tom, he loves his mare EdVenture as much as all the others in the barn. As he rubs her nose he looks into her eyes. “Well, old girl, I think we’re gonna give you one more race”, he says. “I got a nice stall picked out for you at the broodmare barn.”

He walks over to his mare Captain’s Girl and gives her a nice rub on her nose. She nudges up against him, and Tom laughs. “Hey there. You’re such a nice little girl,” he says. Captain’s girl is nearing the end of her racing career. After her last race this month she will start a new life as a broodmare. “I think you’re gonna like it at your new home,” said Tom. He pats her on her head and heads off to look over the other horses.

Another day comes to a close. Soon the barn will be entering unchartered territory. Breeding is a new challenge for Sange’s Studs. The barn is full of hope as they approach the start of their breeding program. Who know’s, maybe the next champion is just a foal away?