NCh.Devil May Care (Gold) retired...

Ok, bad bad news, I have been so proud to have NCh.Devil May Care(G) since he was two, racing him at 3 and 4 where he won many GI races against many great FF horses.  Then in his stud career he continued to be my own personal shining star, producing in his first small crop 3/3 stakes winners.  He was retired for a few years, like many other studs, when a new breeding rule took effect but after the rule was taken down he returned to stud and his subsequent crops have also be awesome.  He currently has 91% winners, 35% SW and 22% MSW from 23 to race and a Gold ranking of 8.8.

Sadly, DMC has been having fertility issues and it has been decided to retire him from stud duty. His dam, Reine de Course Devil’s Trademark(G) is deceased and has no other sons standing at stud. Devil May Care does have a nephew, ICh.Devil His Due, through his 1/2 sister Devil’s Own(G) for anyone interested in breeding to this line.  Hopefully a Devil May Care son will be able to take up the mantle that his sire is leaving behind very soon. I hope everyone who has had the chance to acquire a Devil May Care foal has a lot of fun with him/her!  Good luck this foaling season!

Happy Retirement DMC!!!

I’m very sorry to here this. It’s sad when a young stud gets his career cut short, but at least he got the chance to sire some very nice foals. Hopefully one of his colts will qualify for stud and be able to carry on his lines. I hope he enjoys his retirement in a nice green pasture!

Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about this. :frowning:  I promise to do him right and keep Devil His Due around for as long as possible.  I am having a lot of fun racing his foal Devil In Disguise and can’t wait to see how he matures this year after having such a fun 2yo year.

For our condolences we have decided to let Cascade breed to Devil His Due free this year in rememberance of Devil My Care.  Please don’t feel obligated this is just an offer incase you were already thinking about breeding to him.

Darn, I was going to send a mare to DMC this year.  He will be missed, he was a nice stud.  I hope he enjoys a long and restful retirement.

Thanks guys, good to know he’ll be missed outside of Cascade!!  Hopefully, we’ll have another stud soon that will prove to be as gifted (no pressure Strider :wink: ).  DMC had a unique edge of not being related to Worth or Rogue so that set him apart from many and made crossing to those lines really nice.  He will be missed!

Yes, I will definitely be taking you up on that Holly! Thank-you!  Devil His Due looks promising and I absolutely adore this family, DMC is only 13 so my plans for him were definitely not complete yet. In fact I was limiting myself to just 2 mares a year to him because I didn’t want an over abundance of DMC babies!! Oh well, you had the same heartbreak with Secret of Love right?  At least I got a 6 crops from DMC. :slight_smile:   I’ll let you know about the mare very soon.

Awww, I’m so sorry, Jade…  Devil May Care was a really wonderful stallion and one of the very few gold ranked boys in the game…   Good luck to Devil His Due, and Holly, you’re awesome.

We’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a studified son! He looks to have an exceptional crop due this year, and I’m SOOO SAD that none of my mares are bred to him!


ARGH! I had a mare chosen for him! Ohwell, gives me an excuse to justify Point Given. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe my 3-Y-O Iblis can be just like his sire… :slight_smile:

The Grey Stable sends out it’s condolences as well. To have DMC’s career shut down at just 13 is nothing short of criminal, but that is the nature of our game. He accomplished a lot in a short period and hopefully he’ll have a son to carry on the family line!!!


The Grey Stable