natural energy

I am bringing all my racers home to the stable (in England) as i intend to kill 2 birds with one stone and give them some R&R at home before sending them all to the track in England and racing there for the next few months.
My question is, as the horses have only been running 3 months with natural energy to take account of, I assume most of them have NE that is still OK. I get comments from the jockey along the lines of “this horse is raring to go mentally” which may or may not be true. As there is no indication how much NE they have left nor how fast they acquire it is 2 weeks at “home” a sensible starting point?
I know they’re all different, and that everything in FF has an inbuilt margin of error, but with NE there is simply nothing to go on and as it is still new, no previous experience to draw on. With real horses you can tell by their behaviour if they’re getting stale but of course with our horses we don’t have that advantage. I’m not asking for specific or detailed information just a broad guideline or rough starting point. In previous posts that i read nothing seemed to get resolved although i believe Shanthi did say at one point that she was considering warnings if NE got too low until we got the hang of it, don’t know if that’s going to happen and anyway i don’t want my horses to reach that point if I can avoid it. Any others comments or experiences would be welcome

Actually, the jockey comments are supposed to be pretty spot on for NE.  Other things, not so much…  But NE there’s only a really small margin, rather than a huge one.

Thanks, nice to know I can believe something the jockey say!

I think they’re also almost completely accurate about how well they know your horse.  Which becomes interesting when my horse and jockey get along ok one day then 3 days later know nothing about each other :wink:.  I’m assuming there’s just a small variation based on how the ride went.

There’s a difference between “getting along ok” (they like each other so-so) and “don’t know anything about this horse” (having ridden it 2x ever).  :wink:  Two different stats, two different comments.

I’ve always used K.Berry for one of my horses and he’s probably worked him 15+ times or so and a few workouts ago he all of a sudden said…I don’t know him very well yet. Any ideas on why that happened? (a different jockey had ridden him the workout before so maybe he forgot how many times he’d previously ridden this horse??)

That wouldn’t be a “sudden” statement…each time you work out a horse, the jockey has a range of things to comment on (the horse’s equipment, how well they get along, how well they know each other, etc).  This was probably just the first time he’d hit on the experience factor.

(As a side note, horses/jockeys do not have the ability to “forget” each other, which is nice.)

Well, I got the “Get along OK” and then “Don’t get along at all” a few days later… they definitely seemed to be measuring the same thing :wink:.

Well, then the jockey’s on crack and doesn’t know the horse well enough to know whether they get along.  :wink:

That is very nice. I’m glad I know that now.

So I have a quetion; I have a new jockey on my 2yo (of course!) and she said that he “did poorly today”. Is this just because she doesn’t know him? Or did he actually do poorly? I’m just trying to figure out what I should/shouldn’t listen to with my jockey. (Probably should listen to nothing but NE quotes yet… but I’m just wondering.)