Nanner Trees 2015 Foal

We are very excited to anounce the birth of our first foal(but not really). We purchased the mare from Sheldrake, and she was in foal to Kind David. So we were very excited!

we had been expecting a boy and for him not to be chestnut. We got a Liver Chestnut Filly. I learned my lesson FFCode, D: you are a cruel god. lol

We finnaly came up with a name for this massive 9.3h filly.

(Admiral Ivory X King David)

Cute name! Though it’s going to confuse me, I’d think of it with a bay/brown colt. :wink:

mr. snuffles did not have black points. so he was not bay and that eye shadow…mmhm

deep down i still want a colt maybe thats it. … .jpg  He looks pretty much the same shade lol.  You can blame me, I’m sick and when she showed me the baby I could only think of mammoths

that looks just like her!!! Spitting image of her!!!