N/E stuck on F/F?

I sent my filly, Last Account, to Santa Anita on 3/5 and she was a C/D.  She arrived on 3/6 and was F/F. She has been there for 7 days and is still F/F. She has not been out, just sitting in her stall. 

She has shipped before, not that long of a distance, and has always recovered quickly.

Is there a “glitch” with her or ??

She left right before the server problem started and was in transit during it.


There is no bug.  Shipping across the country is hard on horses, and it’s not like she was brimming with energy/fitness to begin with.

Also just a picky note… N/E or NE is typically used to refer to Natural Energy (which you have no way of seeing directly) while the A-F ratings apply to Energy and Fitness (E/F). :slight_smile:

But like Shanthi said, horses can dip into ‘negative’ energy ratings if you ship them long distances.  I think the expectation is it takes at least a week to recover the energy cost of shipping.  So figure her normal race recovery period plus a week or 10 days (depending on how fast her post-race recovery is) for her to get back to A.  I think shipping also lowers fitness due to dehydration/etc, but I could be wrong.

It lowers fitness slightly to account for the fact that the horse isn’t moving at all while stuck in a trailer stall/airplane stall.