my other hobby - poetry

i’ve never actually shared any of my poetry writings with anyone so i thought i’d post a few. They’re not that good and most i wrote a couple of years ago.

[align=center]Misty Visions
As I look out over the plains
I wonder why the old wounds appear.
I remember a time when i forgot those pains
As we rode over the waters clear.

Was it that which had broken my fall?
As you ran on rejoicing to be free.
I wonder again as I walk down the hall
When I had let you go of course I couldn’t see.

As I had let you go for a reason unknown.
I couldn’t forget the despair in your eyes
And now I feel the seeds of sadness sown.
In my heart and soul as now my hope dies

I wish that I could somehow see you again,
I wish that I could somehow say goodbye.
I wish that we could ride once again,
Over the plains as I look out the window and sigh.

Walking past our portraits in the corridor
With memories washing over me with every step.
Pausing slightly as I reach the back door,
Yet again I hear you beat a rhythm each and every step.[/align]


I saw you turn away, what did I ever do
To make you hate me so
Well remember we are never through
With the love you and I once had.

Remember me in your journeys long,
Let me light your way through the shadows.
Remember me in times for you to be strong.
Speak my name and I will always return.

Please, if ever I return
Remember me as I once was.
Don’t let hate fester and burn
As we were happy once and will be again.

Remember me as you dream,
Let me gaurd you while you sleep.
As you wander it may seem
That I am not there, but wherever you turn I am.[/align]

[align=center]Sliver Fate

A thunder of hooves in the distance answering a call
Ghost like horses galloping through the snow
A watcher on the mountain held enthrall
As they raced across the snowy plateau

At the highest point there the caller did await
No-one knew her, but well known was she
As the stallion came, the one called Silver Fate
To greet the mistress of the horses of the sea.

The watcher was fated soon to forget
The lonely encounter on the moutains head.
The last thing seen was the girl’s silhouette
As the sun’s last rays, through the clouds, did thread[/align]

this one is my favourite

[align=center]See The Dawn

I see the rain lash down on the barren earth
As the dust is washed away.
I see the leaves fall from the golden trees
As the wind blows them away.
I see the light flow over the emerald plains
As the sun comes up at dawn.
I see the highest mountain on the blue horizon
As the light shines in your eyes.

The stars shine overhead in a deep blue cloak.
Horses run over the wind blown plains.
The barren desert is full of life
And the creeks and rivers run with glee.
The forests and woodlands are brimming with sound
As the sun comes up again.
With the new horizon bordering on my mind.

Don’t say you leave now but say you’ll stay
To view the rising of this new day.
Stand with me on the edge of the world…
The edge of the world we knew.
As heroes fight in offending wars
We stand with the dawn looking for peace.
With wounded hearts we long for rest
As we view the land we used to know.[/align]

a selction I wrote in 2004 are as follows:

As It Is
Seabirds shriek and ravens cry
In a land beneath the sky
Hawks dive and eagles glide
Penguins below slip and slide
the stag raises its antlered head
The antelope leaps away
The deer are in full flight
As the moose walks ever on
The wildhorse races across the plains
The fox pads over the rocks
The wildcat prowls through the branches
The dingo leaps through the brush
This is truly the wilderness
The beauty of the wild beast
Lies deeply in this special place
A patch of paradise between two towns

Fire in The Sky

In the midnight blue silk of the sky
Lie many stars each one alight
The birds themselves could try
To reach them in their flight
The stars are all aglow
Like fire in the sky
We watch from far below
As the come blinking to view and lie
Still as a fire far away

Lord Of Horses

Racing like the wind across the fields
On flies the Lord of horses over the plains
On and On, He never yeilds
Until his destination comes, he never complains
Like the froth on the sea before the wind
Like a silver arrow on the plains
He flies amidst the rocks and fields of grass
Racing across the mountain streams again
Never slowing while on the road
Not stopping until the journey’s end
On and on and on he goes
strong and ever tireless

Still I Wait
I tun to the sun in the dawn
I try my best to keep you here but still
I hear in the wind the horn
That calls you far from home
Will you be back again to tend
The garden you always did love
Or will you die to defend
The land that holds your heart
I tried my best not to cry
I had to, I know, from the moment
That you said goodbye
I hope that I will see you again
Soon or in another time, In the fortune sky

Weary Shores

The waves lapped at the sandy shore
As the clouds sailed overhead
The travellers weary to their core
Passed below with not a word said
The sun bore down on the striding group
And sand shifted from their feet
The gulls whirled ahead with a dip and swoop
But their steps went on without missing a beat
With walking sticks digging into the sand
As a few broke the silence with song
While a couple started a marching band
For the sun was high and the day was long

And i’ve just found a couple I wrote in 2004 about racehorses:

[align=center]The Mare

I sit beside the windowsill and think of a time
When one courageous mare made history
All in one day, in the rain, where it all comes to a dime
A day a mare added to the cup story
Not once but twice, did she win
The mare was blown in winds of time
And never could one be a light within
As the mare, started in her prime
Born as a stayer, not only with the good
But the best on the track she did defeat
Vinnie couldn’t blow the hood
Nor Zazzman left in the third seat
The others won two but could not do the same
Archer and Rain Lover left in the night
Peter pan and Think Big are out of the game
The only mare to do so in flight
Was Makybe Diva, strong and proud
The mare of the cup is proud to announce
Once again a win to change history with a crowd.

Great Gunsynd

Cheers flooded in from the crowd
As once again he races the wind
I see his head held high and proud
I see him run, the great Gunsynd
I watch him leave his rivals struggling in his wake
As he soars on down the straight
For once again a record he could break
As the crowd holds its breath for a half-second wait
He reaches a marker and thunders down
Towards the post as his rivals try to keep the pace
The crowd cheers him home as he fights for the crown
I watch as he pulls away to triumph the race
Mighty are you, the great unsynd
As you fly across the grass
You arch your neck as you race the wind
As once again there is a post to pass


He’s gone, he’s left the track now
He left it all behind, Every moment
Was what he wanted, what we did allow
As he raced past on a track of dreams
The black flash, he was called then
As he ran, the easiest thing he could do
He was a campaigner and time and time again
A champion, he was, to the very end
We will miss him now, for no more can we
Cheer him on to victory
But now we can remember and cry with envy
and joyfully sit back and see it again
Close your eyes and remember
and smile once more as you watch.[/align]

Very pretty, particulary the racehorse ones.

I love those poems!! They are so full of heart! keep it up