My Old Man

This horse is a champion and deserves to be recognized…he started my stable and it should be named after him.  I have listed below his accomplishments as a racehorse, now he will be our lead pony at the farm.

Newest update: Highland Storm has reached his final resting place, FoxHill Farm RacingStable.  He was a champion for us earning $386,450 in 2010 and $114,000 in 2011.  He retires with 452 point and a GCh status.  He has earned a little over $1,000,000 in his years racing.  Congrats old man :slight_smile:

His biggest accomplishments are as follows:
Break his maiden first time out over the dirt track at Pimlico
Placed 3rd in the Arlington Washington Futirity (GIII)
Placed 2nd in the Champagne Stakes (GI)
Placed 2nd in the Mr. Prospector Handicap (GIII)
Placed 3rd in the Holy Bull Stakes  (GIII)
WON the Old Hat Stakes (ungraded)
Placed 2nd in the Hutcheson Stakes  (GII)
Placed 2nd in the Shillaci Stakes (GII) against older horses
Placed 4th in The Travers Stakes (GI)
Placed 2nd in the Jerome Stakes (GII)
Placed 2nd in the Hyperion Stakes (GIII)
WON an allowance race (first start of the year)
Placed 3rd in the Whirlaway Stakes (ungraded)
WON an allowance race
WON the Arlington Sprint (ungraded)
Placed 2nd in the Breeders’ Cup SC Sprint (GI)
Placed 2nd in the Hal’s Hope Handicap  (GIII)
Placed 2nd in the Santa Monica Handicap (GI)
Placed 2nd in the San Rafael Stakes (GII)
Told me it was time to retire by getting last in an allowance race


Congrats to you for owning such a fine horse. May he enjoy his retirement for many years to come. :smiley:

The first SW always has a special place in one’s heart, even if ones later on eclipse their talents–somehow, they’re just not as sweet to remember as that very first one, who meant so much when we were struggling and new. 

Very nice pony.  I’m glad he’s finally getting some time off to get fat and happy.  =)

On a related note (no pun intended), I just realized that I own his 1/2 sister, Lone Star. 

You have very good taste :wink: And your “old man” definitely deserves to be recognized. You can tell that horse worked very hard throughout his racing lifetime, and I agree with Cat and Nan that it’s great he finally gets to rest and relax :slight_smile: Yay!

Its a great feeling to retire a nice horse like that after a great career. Congrats!

Congratulations on enjoying a successful career with Storm!!

Yeah he is my champion…the first stakes winner is so special…i claimed him and then i really realized he could run :slight_smile:  I love this boy and he holds a very special place in my heart.

How much would you want for Lone Star?  I’d love to own his half sister!

Sorry, she won’t be for sale.

How much would you want for her yearling?

Wow, great horse! ;D

omg!! what a stellar horse!! may one of mine turn out like that * fingers crossed!!! good luck with the rest of your stabe

yeah I know and I claimed him for only $10,000 (i believe).  SO keep up the hope for claimers I love them and try to snag as many as I can.

good luck with your stables also thanks for commenting about my ol’ boy who is enjoying galloping aorund the fields every day after he is done his work…which now includes helping to train the babies.  al they do is bite him but he really could care less :slight_smile: