My Horses

Finally got some time to set

up a website for my ponies, its pretty simple and still a work in progress. I want to add a

ton more pictures but my scanner has gone missing ( I think my brother borrowed it) but I’ll

be able to use my friends digital camera and scanner later in the week to add more pics.

Anyways just tought I’d show off :slight_smile:

<a href=‘

target=’_blank’>Click here to explore strange new worlds, new life, and new

civilizations?to boldly go where no one has gone before.

…sorry I’m a bit of a

Trekkie, a small one, not the convention going type though

Awesome :smiley: Cowboy is


Cowboy is an awesome looking

mini. I’ve seen alot of them that had some nasty conformation but he looks good from what I

can see :slight_smile:

thanks guys :smiley: He’s such a

cute little bug too! Got other pics up then just him, still want to add more though.