My Horse and Me for Wii on Ebay

Hey everyone! I recenly purchased the horse simulation game, My Horse and Me, for the Wii.  Once I started playing it I couldn’t stop and ended up finishing it within the week…lol.  Anyway I just wanted to let anyone know who might be interested that I am selling it now on Ebay.  Here is the link: … :MESELX:IT

I have My Horse and Me for PC but it didn’t work on my desktop :frowning: It worked on my sister’s desktop, but it’s an 80GB hard drive and has crashed twice so it would start up and freeze… haha. I purchased My Horse and Me II for PC and finished it in 2 hours. Kinda bummed but I love the series!

I’ve heard nothing but good reviews about the Wii version so I will definitely be poking my parents about it for my birthday! ;D

Yeah it was fun. :slight_smile:  I liked that the controls kinda made sense in the way you would steer a real horse with reins and whatnot.  I just didn’t like that all you could do was show jump.  After I get this one shipped out I’m going to put the money towards the new Me Horse and Me 2 (Riding for Gold).  There are Dressage competitions and show jumping competitions which is real cool, along with a story line and goals.  All they have to do now is add some eventing. :wink:  They are probably waiting on that with the 3rd version.

That’s weird! The PC versions both come with Dressage, SJ, and Cross Country.