My first "redeemed" weanling..
[color=maroon]Jovial Chic

currrently at 11.1 hands…she was born July 5, 2011.

Congratulations. She’s a pretty baby :slight_smile:

Hope she runs great for you in due course! and keep an eye on her to watch her grow  :slight_smile:

I have a question…  I, too, just “redeemed” my first weanling.  I know it will be another year before she can race.  Is there any training I can do to get her ready?    I’m kinda at a loss at how to get her started…

you really can’t do any trining on her till she’s a 2 yo… because she has to be at a track… & we can’r send them to a track until they turn 2… so for now just enjoy watching her grow…