My Boy

Got a couple of pictures of my horse and I finally! I still want to get some good body/head shots of him, but I probably will wait until spring so he can get rid of his shaggy winter coat :wink:

Both of these were taken on the last nice day of the year, and Charlie hadn’t been ridden outside in awhile, so was a bit excited about it. These are the two best (i.e. the ones where he’s not completely charging over the jumps like a maniac). I don’t look the greatest due to the fact that I was using all of my energy to control him after the jumps…haha. He is getting better.

This one is the best of both of us, it’s too bad the jump’s so little, but he looks like a really calm horse there…

Not the greatest of either of us. This was his favorite to run after because there was lots of empty space between the jump and the arena fence…

I’ll post more when I get them!

Very cute! :slight_smile: I love the chrome.

Very cute boy you have there! I love his face! Looking at how he is jumping I can imagine he’s a powerful jumper, looks like he shouldn’t have a problem with height. :wink:

Don’t you just love the amount of control you have…my mare is just like that. Last week we started doing trotting pole exercises for the first time since her injury…we will just say that lots of leaping and bucking ensued.

I’m seriously considering getting the ‘If you want control, buy a remote,’ t-shirt. :roll:

Very cute :slight_smile:. He looks like he’s got tons of muscle on him (though that could just be winter fluff :wink:) so I imagine he takes some work to calm down.

Thanks guys! He is definitely a strong guy, but he has actually calmed down a lot even since summer (when I first got him). He’s generally pretty quiet on the flat now, which is good. He still likes to pretend he’s racing if he’s cantering with another horse in the ring, but we’re working on it.

The highest we’ve gone is 3’3", but he’s done it pretty easily and he seems to like jumping for the most part. I’m not real big on the whole showing scene, but I’m hoping to take him to some small local shows in the spring. So far he hasn’t participated in any shows, but has been along for the ride a time or two. In the summer I schooled him at a local show and he was a little nuts, but he can only get better I suppose.

My ex-racer was insane the first couple shows we took her to. It took me and my dad to lunge her, and we finally gave up trying to bridle her at the first one and I just put her bridle on over the halter b/c we were pretty sure we couldn’t control her long enough to put her bridle on :wink:. She was a steeplechaser though, and I think they tend to day-trip in more for those than regular race meets? Dunno, but she definately got better :slight_smile:. Think it took about 3 shows before I felt confident I could show her. Good luck with him.

Very nice looking horse ya got there. :slight_smile: You guys get me a bit jealous, as I’m not a regular rider. :smiley: I don’t own a horse either. Most of my experience with horses has to do with handicapping. Anyway, good luck with him, and good luck at the local shows if you decide to enter. :slight_smile:

Thanks! He’s a funny guy. Very shaggy at the moment since he ripped his turnout blanket :wink: He seems fine with being outside when it’s cold, so I’m not in a rush to buy him a new one (plus all my extra money is going towards paying him off). I still love him to death, which is a good sign. Yesterday I was at the barn and my instructor had set up some new jumps and he did a 4-bounce combination the first time through. He’s a good boy.

Here are some new pictures from last Thursday when my grandma came to watch me ride: … 010019.jpg
Bringing him in from outside…the mud is absolutely disgusting, due to the weird not-winter weather we have been having this year. … 010020.jpg … 010021.jpg
I like this one … 010023.jpg
Grooming before our ride. Not a very good-quality pic, but I think it’s sort of cool anyway.

Very cute, I want to start jumping my gelding(he can jump, I’ve seen him go straight up, haha).

Haha yeah…Charlie used to do this funny thing I used to call his “gazelle” jump. It was sort of like he bounded over the jump with all four feet at the same time straight up in the air. Luckily he’s stopped doing that.

:lol: “Gazelle” jump. There was a horse like that in our equestrian team but it was not a jumping horse. The kids jumping horse was deemed lame and unfit to jump about 20 min before his class, and all he had left was a speed horse he was leasing from the co-coatch. Well he decided not to miss his class, and give one to the team. This speed horse looked to darn funny jumping! she would speed up to the jump, stop, and deer hop over the jump. It was one of the funnyist things i’ve ever seen, and the kid (due to penalties of other riders, and missing jumps all that stuff) placed a nice fourth.