Moving will be On sporadically

i just wanted to give you a heads up the movers come Monday, so after Tuesday I will be sporadic with free wi-fi until we get to Vegas and find a house! Will let you know when I get settled. I am going to try to take care of my stable myself, we leave Germany the 21st.

Good luck with the move. :slight_smile:

Do you mean that we will be able to change the stable’s location?


No, this is a real-life move. I may implement it in the future, but if I do, it will be quite expensive to do.

Sorry  ;D even if it was expensive, it would be for sure less complicated than a real-life move :wink:

You got that right,we are moving from one country to another, my husband is USAF and we are moving from germany to las Vegas then in Jan he has to go to Korea for a yr , leaving us alone until his tour is up,then we will be in Vegas 2-3 yrs ,then hopefully back to our house in Florida! The movers come in 11 hours!

Well movers finished in 2 days we are in temp housing until flying out on the 21st. Now I will have to rely on free wifi until we get to Vegas and get a house. I hate to fly say a prayer for me, Carole .