Moving In

  It was late when Ima Person pulled up to the house at Cosmic Haven for the first time, closing her eyes to reflect on the past few days.
  She had been at her parent’s farm in Iowa, fresh out of college with a shiny new degree in teaching, when she got the letter.  Some long forgotten relative had died, and what’s more, she had been left a farm and two horses.  She had packed her bags and four days later here she was in Canada. It was not surprising, really, she had always been impulsive, and she-

  An excited whinny cut off her thoughts, and she looked up for the first time. Beautiful barns stood empty with rolling paddocks just waiting to be filled, but that wasn’t what caught her eye.Two horses stood in separate paddocks, alert and listening to far-off sounds Ima couldn’t begin to hear.

  “That’ll be Dropdeadgorgeous… Georgia, I think,”  she said to herself, watching the gray filly nearest to her and automatically shortening her name.  She looked tall, over seventeen hands if Ima was any judge.  A chestnut colt stood In a second paddock and she quickly identified him as Sixteen Stone.  They looked good, and Ima remembered the letter having mentioned a girl from Woodbine taking care of them while no one was there.

  Abandoning all thoughts of unpacking she stepped out of the truck and started towards the barn.  Her own horse, a mixed-breed filly named Dawn, was arriving sometime next week, and she needed to get a stall ready for her anyway… Ima pushed any guilty thoughts about all the work she would have to do before she could sleep out of her head, and by the time she reached the barn she had dropped the idea of getting a stall ready for Dawn as well.  She had horses to get a acquainted with.