Missing races

Hey… is it just me, or is part of the card missing from today’s (3/5) results?? 

No, it seems the races stopped running after #35.

It seems the race code gets stuck every once in a while. All the races will be finished in due time I’m sure. :wink:

The server’s being a butt about actually even loading the page, so I’m looking into it.

Whew! Okay, I was worried that my computer was wigging out on me!

It has just delayed the inevitable of one of my horses from running last  ::) Slowest pony I’ve had  :astonished:

Been thinking of switching him to the SC as a last resort but I feel that will just make him a slow SC’er lol

I just tried to enter for the 12th and wouldn’t let me. Must be because the races haven’t finished. Not a big deal.  They will be up when their up.

Yes, the post-race update script (that also updates entry due date) has not run.

I am wondering if I can scratch a horse from Wednesday’s race that hasn’t run yet? My horse, Medieval Marco, race #42, is a D/F as if he had run but he is entered in one of the races that didn’t.  I would hate for something to happen to him if he was to run. It is weird cause on wednesday he was a B/C and last night he was an A/C and now a D/F.  I know they flucuate but these are ratings like he ran instead of siting in the barn.

No.  The daily script that updates energy/fitness is set to not run if races are incomplete, so his energy has not changed since raceday.

Edited to add: Given that his energy/fitness won’t have changed, the reason for the fluctuation is, yet again, the built-in error for the displayed values.  If you “average” all the values, on raceday his energy was probably a mid-low C, and his fitness was probably low C/high D.

What is going to happen about the missing races for Wednesday and with racing for tomorrow (Sat 8th)?

Wed races are being run as soon as I can, as I said above.  Sat races will be run once Wed races are done.

Will any claims from Wednesday run? And will claims open for today or no? (I am assuming no on the last q)

Wed races have been run and claims processed.  Same goes for today’s races.

Thanks for getting that stuff fixed. :slight_smile:  My guys are apparently still entered in last Wed’s races, though.  So you might want to check up on the cleanup script.

I submitted a claim on Billabong on Tuesday and i wasn’t expecting to get him but he is still owned by FF, so his claim didn’t run. Sorry to bug you again.  :-[

But thanks for being so on top of this! You rock Shanthi! :slight_smile:

Yeah I second Andrea - thanks Shanthi! You rock as always! :slight_smile: Is it sad I still check the FF site every half hour when the site is down even though I’ve been a member for YEARS and YEARS?! LOL

Claims have been re-run for Wed and you got Billabong, so congrats.

Thanks so much Shanthi. :slight_smile: This may sound redundant but you ROCK!! You have to be the best game owner out there. :slight_smile:

Thanks for running the races Shanthi and getting everything back quickly, I’m sad I couldn’t get in any of my entries for Sat. as the site went down, but that is how it goes :wink: