Missing foal...

Something really weird has happened. My mare Lucky Strikes was in foal to Secret Of love and due on 4/5/10. I have it all wrote down so i know she was bred to him. I went to check on her today and it says that she has had no foals but says 1 foal on her page. There is no deceased horses on my page either so I know it wasn’t stillborn. I know that i pushed the Breed The Foal button because i always write down the due date after i do that, plus i have checked on her before this year and she was fine. What could have happened? I also shows on Secret Of Loves page that the breeding didn’t exist when i knew it did before. Is there anyway to get my foal back?? Help! :shock:

The foal is in the database, it will arrive eventually.

For future reference, having ID numbers saves me a lot of time in looking up stuff like this.

Also, as I’ve said elsewhere, foals are not “missing” until they are at least 6 weeks overdue. The viewhorse page is acting a bit funky at the moment about showing unborn foals, esp. if the actual booking is not in the database any longer.

ah okay i see. Sorry about the over reaction i just got a little scared because now that Secret is retired his babies are extra special to me. Thank you for taking a look tho. :slight_smile: Much appreciated. :smiley: