Midnight Moon Foals

So I have been really lax on FF this year so have a foal round-up

Handsome Prince
NCh. Nobly Regal x Captivator
Bay colt, breeding done by Denoux Stud. I cannot believe that name wasn’t taken
Captivator goes to Last for More for a foal

ICh. Belanso x High Market
Flea-bitten grey, Named after a ballet jump-step as her father IRL has Najinsky in his bloodline, and it was the only upwards thing I could come up with.
Not sure who to pair Market with, any contributions welcome.

Ch. Player x Firefly
Bred by Gant’s Farm
Firefly is in foal to All That Appeal for next year

NCh. Straticus x Monday Morning
Bred by Black Storm West
Monday Morning is booked to AndLikeThatHesGone

Unknown Shore
Venture His Due x Cerulean Sands
Bred By Blackhawk Ridge
Again help welcome to book her for this year.

Darling Diplomat lost her foal by Sionnach, hope to put her back to him for next year

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Sorry about the Sionnach foal. He’s LFG so just remind me when next season comes around so I can adjust the fee.

Lovely foals. Sorry about your stillborn.

Are there any Sionnach slots left for this year’s breeding?

The earliest slot he’s got is a July 1. If that’s too late for you, I’m happy to carry over the LFG to next year (it’s reserved for you).

Two new boys overnight

ICh. Starling (S) x Ch. Magickal Rites (B) - Ch. Irish River (S)
9.1h bay colt

1/2 brother to Ch. Skellig

NCh. Ducati (B) x Mystic Love (B) - NCh. Fleet Street (G)
9.2h black colt

1/2 brother to BlackestHeartOfAll

4 Colts | 3 Fillies | 1 Stillborn

And another lad pops up overnight

California Chrome x Ch. Darkest Secret (B) - Secretariat (S)
Bred by Stillwater Farms

10.0h liver chestnut colt

5 Colts | 3 Fillies | 1 Stillborn- and lots of mares to find boys for.