Just as a FYI…

I will be traveling to CT this week for training for work, and then the next week or two will be spent frantically trying to move myself to NC, and either move/sell my horse.

So…I probably won’t be doing a ton of work on the game, unless I happen to have free time here and there. And I won’t be quite so quick to respond to e-mails and such.

:open_mouth: you’re coming to NC too? What part?

RTP area…my company has an office in Durham, so I’m transferring there. YAY for getting away from DC!

I live about 30 mins away from both Garner and Cary, but my dad works in Durham, so I can’t be too far from there. I’ve lived here for 8 years and only been to Durham once lol :slight_smile:

I was considering Cary as far as where to live for the next 6 months (after that I’m planning on buying a house, probably in Durham), but all of the barns seem to be further east or west of Cary, so I’m going for Chapel Hill for now…both because it’s cheaper, it’s got a decent number of barns around there, and Andrea apparently lives ~4 blocks away from the apartment I’m looking at. :wink:

Yay :slight_smile: Though hopefully if Greg gets this job then we’ll be moving in roughly six months, but even then it’d still only be like 15-20 min away in Durham. And then I can look at pretty horses and think about doing insane things like buying them. :wink:

Well, s’not like it’s much different with you guys moving in May/June and me moving in June/July. If anything, it just means that we can use each other as pack mules during moving. :wink: