Members not Voting?

We have several horses who have not run in over a month because of members not voting on suggested races. Does this penalize us? and how can we tell who is not voting? it would help so we don’t message the ones who are active and have been voting…

I can say that I’ve been voting regularly. I’m actually friends with one of the members in real life so I can contact her, but I don’t know about anyone else.

I did read that not racing our horses penalizes our team. So please vote everyone! Every single vote counts.  :wink:

I know Grace (Hello Starling Farm) was on vacation for the last 2-3 weeks and is now taking a break from the internet due to work and personal reasons, so I’m pretty sure she won’t be around for voting.

All teams have a similar problem with people not voting. We have one team member who hasn’t logged on to FF since February 28th. If we get 6 votes on a horse, that is good, more often we only get 4. Shanthi has said that we can enter a horse with only 3 Yes votes, as long as it doesn’t have 3 or more NO votes as well.

The Blue, Red, White, Indigo and Green teams have had 21-29 runners each (before today) and the other three teams, Black, Pink & Purple have only had 13-16 runners each.

The Red team with 1 point is the only team that is positive and my team is, unfortunately, last with -250. We’re a pretty sad lot this year. Last time Color War was run, I think most of the teams were positive. Ah well. You win some you lose some (or a lot in most cases)!!!

Slow and steady wins the race Lewis :wink:

I must have missed when this was said… there has been more then one occasion that we’ve been waiting for 5 votes, haven’t gotten them and therefor missed raced entries…

Same here we missed one or more when we started,mots better now,just wish all the ponies would run better.