Member Activity

I’ve gotten a few questions/concerns about member activity.

Unlike other Color Wars, recruitment was done via the stable page, so people may have signed up not realising how much game/forum activity was required (especially at the start).

Please give your members at least a full week to respond to any PMs/messages and/or log in. If, by that point, you still haven’t heard from team members, I may shuffle teams around a bit so that no teams get stuck with inactive people.

I know people are excited, but this will last the entire year, so waiting a few days (especially for people who may not be aware of how the Color War works) isn’t going to kill anyone. :wink: Don’t worry, I won’t let any team be handicapped from the get-go.

I have just sent PM’s to those who seemed not to post in the forum at all, but they did visit their stables, to show them the link to Green Team’s corner and let them know about voting. But that was just one PM per person and I’m not planning to send them more :slight_smile:

That’s fine. :slight_smile:

Just bear in mind that people may not log in as often as you, or may not notice that they have unread PMs, or whatever. I don’t want to yank people from the Color War prematurely.

It would be easier if some had provided an email address too

It’s up to the member to determine how they want to be contacted.

Thanks for answering this Shanthi as I haven’t seen a couple of our team members online yet  :wink:

Ditto what Lindsay said, been wondering myself about this. I sent a PM and an e-mail to our players that haven’t been on recently and figured on just waiting and seeing if they responded, don’t want to nag them.  :slight_smile:

That’s half the fun of the race to be the first.  If everyone logged in ALL the time, there wouldn’t be much of a challenge to it.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Team Captain(s), if you have members who haven’t yet been active, if you could please PM me with their names. If they still haven’t responded by tomorrow I’ll shuffle the teams around so that everyone has active members.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

We have a member that’s disappeared , no contact or sign in since 4/16, it’s making it hard to get the votes to enter races. is there ny way to drop or replace with someone who wanted to play but didn’t get on a team? Thanks. Carole

Not after just two weeks, no.

I was thinking march, sorry.:frowning: 
Been a long day and can’t sleep,was thinking it was 6 weeks. I really need the sandman! :slight_smile:
Was thinking time went awful fast. Talk about brain fart.