Well well well… Pays to be


Michael Jackson ‘not guilty’ on EVERY count. What a joke. :astonished:


style=‘font-size:21pt;line-height:100%’>MEH! :angry:

Clearly, Jase, you think

he’s guilty. And I HAVE to agree. :angry: I think his career down the drain. though. <_<

Did people actually still

buy CDs and stuff of his? I sorta figured he washed up a long time ago. I mean, he’s

become such a joke



Was bound to happen…fame and money go a long way.

I hate that

woma-…err man. <_<

Wow, innocent? O.o That’s

kinda sad…

lol at woma-- err


it was bound to happen, if you have enough money and big name friends you

can get away with most anything it seems in this day and age

I can’t say whether he’s

innocent or not, but the fact that he’s admitted he sleeps with children in his bed that

he’s not related to is rather scary. (Esp. since, you’d think he’d have stopped once he

got allegations like these!)

Yeah… Funny though, the

media is saying he’s not guilty. Not guilty and innocent are two very different things…


Saw some footage from outside the courtroom… Some people are just wierd. Cheering,

fainting, dancing around… Crazy I tell you! They had signs like "On Behalf Of Mankind, We

Apologise". Speak for yourself. And then the lady letting doves out of a cage each time the

juror read ‘not guilty’ was just freaking me out with her praying and hand on heart

business. Fanatics eh? <_<

hahaha i used to like

michael jackson when i was younger. i had a tape of his and i would play it all the

time…it was so funny, looking back. and i think it was only because he sang that song from

Free Willy. i loved that movie :smiley:

First of all. ‘Innocent’

is ‘he didn’t do it’. ‘Not guilty’ is ‘We can’t be sure he did it’.

Whether he did

it or not, the witnesses for the prosecution in this case were, in general, utterly not

credible. The jury had no choice but to return the verdict they did. The legal system in this

country is based on the premise of ‘innocent until proven guilty’. There was no proof,

there wasn’t even a witness who didn’t change his or her story. Ergo, the right verdict

/was/ returned, for the sake of the system as a whole.

I’m not going to speculate on

whether he /did/ it or not.

This is how I felt ever

since the case started. [u]This world is not, and never will be, as perfect as he

thinks it is, or should be.[/u] Because of how the country is conditioned to

think, letting children sleep in your bed isn’t something the public is going to except,

especially as a celebrity icon. I feel, at most, he should have pleaded insanity. He is

infatuated with youth and children. Yet, he doesn’t understand that what he did was wrong

because in his mind he is being kind.

I haven’t been following the case so I don’t know

all the evidence that was brought to court, but obviously it wasn’t enough to prove


Yea, clearly. What a sec,

doves? Whoever that lady was is VERY scary. But, like I said

before, his career has gone splat! There’ll probobly be

protesters at his concerts, if he has anymor. This has got to be pretty embarrising.