Meara Stables

Ch1 -Thinking Ahead (sort of)

“Umm… did I mention a horse was coming today?” Anna sheepisly raised her head from contemplating her midmorning toast as the gates bleeped to announce a horsebox.
Her trainer Ruth raised her eyebrows from the racing paper “No, what is it?”
“Max’s Beau, 15hh blue roan broodmare”
“Broodmare? Anna we only just got here and you’ve gone and bought a broodmare?”
“Yes, and she’s to breed to V is for Victory on the 21st.”
Ruth rolled her eyes and disappeared back into her paper with a suffering sigh “Anna…” 

“More horses Anna?” Ruth raised her eyebrows
The brown plait bobbed as its owner ran out the door without bothering to answer.

Anna laughed as Ruth came running over. The horse box reversed slowly back on the ground, then stopped. The driver jumped down and walked over, papers rustling in his hand.
“Their passports Miss” He smiled “I’ll get the lads to lead them out.”

First down the ramp was a sharp strawberry roan filly. She pricked her ears and looked around, her neat feet arranged four-square.
“Unbridled Run” Anna stated “By the World Champion Strider out of Unbridled Passion, who is by Unbridled.”
“Strider?” Ruth quieried “I hope you’re joking Anna, this stables will be laughing stock if we’re not careful.”
She was ignored as Anna continued her speel “She’s a distance girl so she probably won’t start this year, but should be great when she does… Even if she isn’t I won’t turn up my nose at brooding her.”
“Nor would I” Ruth reluctantly agreed

Next down was a 16.1hh bay filly, who acted as if she was the Stakes Winner already. On her toes and prim.
Anna laughed and took the leadrope “Come on American Dance, show us your foot work later.”     
“American Dance” Ruth read “By Almost Home out of Northern Sister, by Northern Slew… Hang on” she paused and gaped at the filly "isn’t he a Seattle Slew colt?
Anna nodded “Yes, and this girl is  going to be our main 2yr old runner, aside from Rocharan in there.” She refered to the gelded colt that had come with the farm, leading the bay filly into a neighbouring loosebox as she did so
“Eat your hay girl, your keep only starts in April.”

When they retruned to the horse box a second bay filly; nearly identical to Dance, though two hands smaller, had been unloaded
“Snowy Range; by War Chant out of World War III, by War Admiral
“Whoa Anna” Ruth threw up her hands, then reconsidered as the filly spooked “She’s small, a 3YO runner I guess… War Admiral…”
Anna laughed as her trainer went into a daze “I got them for $1000 apiece, the big stables are too full of their homebreds to need more.”