Meant To Be

Hey Everyone,
I am thinking that I will retire my mare, Meant To Be, next year to be a broodmare.  She has had limited success on the track and I think she’d be a better broodmare.  I am going to run her once more to see how she does and then she will be for sale.  Would anyone be interested?  How much would you pay for her?

I would be interested in her… :slight_smile: I would pay 100k-125k I think that might be a little low tho. Please someone correct me if i’m wrong.  Thanks RR

Given that she has only earned $50,000 on the track, she isn’t likely to be worth more than that as a maiden (i.e. unproven) broodmare.

ACK! :astonished: I WANT HER! Gaaaah… Okay, the problem is 1.) I currently have only about 20 - 30k to offer for her. 2.) Wait… that’s the only problem. :'( Gah! I’m broke. (Story of my life.) I would be willing to offer more… It just appears that I’m in a pickle with the mulah at the moment. If you could put off selling her for a few… er… weeks? months? years? (lol, I’m kidding, I promise ;D) I er… I… don’t know! Could I perhaps… talk to you about this? Maybe? Would you be willing? It’s just that I’ve been looking for a broodmare for a while now, because I really want to get into breeding a bit, but… Gah… I would even be willing to pay to just lease her if you found it… er… respectable? (wrong word, but that’s what popped into my head…) I’m sorry if I’m becoming annoying… I’ll hush now. :-\ (It’s the newbie in me ::) Of course, I won’t hold it against you if you say no. Nor will I pm you with a billion messages about how unfair it is and so on and so forth. :wink: )

Are you okay?

Hehe… ;D Uhhh… Yeah… :smiley: Don’t mind me… I had sugar earlier, never a good thing for Moochi… (Moochi likes to talk about herself in the third person?)

hmm mooochi, i wonder if we could do a split ownership? and raise her lil babies together?

Oh gosh, thank you remedy ;_; You’re so nice… It’s okay though! I’m withdrawing and leaving her to you… I don’t think I’m quite ready for a broodmare yet. But I very much appreciate your kindness, and Lisa’s! Thank you both!!! I wish you the best of luck with her :wink: Hope her foals kick some tail out on the track!

P.S. I hope I didn’t cause any trouble for you both… If I did, I’m very sorry :S

well, I thought it would be neat.

Oh… well… uh… XD I’m sorry… I’m all… confundedness… Um… If you WANT to go through with it, I’m willing to. I just didn’t know you were really WANTING to share. I could do the share thing though :stuck_out_tongue: I noticed your thread about co-ownership, and yeah… you could take her for a year or whatever, and then sell her to me, and I could take her, and then sell her back to you, and so on and so forth. Then we could share the babies and stuffness… It would be pretty cool :stuck_out_tongue: If you have Yim or Aim, we could talk about this more, or you could pm me, of course… Like I said though, if its too much of a bother, I won’t pressure you. I like the idea though, and if we both work at it, we could make it… um… work lol XD (repeating self a lot because of the whole being sick/chugging too much cough medacine thing lol)

Guys, perhaps you could leave your debate about owning this horse until Lisa decides to sell and for how much.  Posting spastically about a horse that is only hypothetically for sale is a bit much.

Just my 2 cents worth but for a horse that has only raced sporadically this year (9 times) and hasn’t had a whole lot of equipment changes (maybe not needed) she has won money and been competitive in most races(6 out of 9 times to get a cheque). I don’t think you can lay a horse off for the better part of a month or more and expect a winning performance even if you train them real hard. I think you need to determine what surface she likes and the distance she likes and then race her every 3 weeks until the end of next January. The key is consistant racing every 3 weeks or thereabouts. If she doesn’t do well in that time frame then by all means retire her and breed her!!


She’s 6 next year and probably her best years are behind her. Otherwise I would agree about the racing scenario. However given the prices of mares lately she’s worth more as a broodmare than a racer. She was an FF horse so her race record is only marginally informative. I’d buy her -  :astonished:;D, but I’m not going to say how high I’d bid.

Once again 2 more cents  :smiley:  Good Times Stables came into the game before I did (Oct 2009) and the mare has raced 10 times in that period. This was the time frame I was talking about not the FF time frame before that. Neither of us knows what equipment changes have been made in training and maybe everything has been tried and she has to race with nothing on just like FF horses. Yes I agree that her best years are probably behind her but she’s been lightly raced and 3 months of hard racing before you retire her would be a good indication of whether she’s still competitive. As I said above if it doesn’t pan out there is still the breeding shed when she gets retired at the end of January 2011 and while it nice to see more mares bred to have more babies the racing end of things is where the money’s at…  unless you have a pocket full of cash to donate to FF.

Just as an aside you need to figure out how much breeding the mare will cost you until such a time as you either sell the mare in foal or the foal itself. It could be as little as 6 months after she’s bred or up to 2 years when the foal is about to turn 2. It all adds up!!!


She will defidently be offered for sale at the end of November 2010.  It is just depending on who will pay the most right now.  Thanks to every one who is interested!!!

I’d say you have your highest offer from the Remedy, as I wouldn’t offer half as much there’s too much if’ness in her as her racing career wasn’t that good, and like Shanthi has said she’s an unproven mare.  I personally would probably consider a bit of a higher price if bred to a real nice stallion.

Meant To Be will be joining Wither Hawk Stables after she runs on November 15th.  Good luck to Wither Hawk Stables with her I hope she has a great career with you!!!  Thanks to all who were interested in her!

Keep in mind that if she is sold before the 1st of the year, taxes will be charged to both stables on her.