May Auction

May 7th - 14th auction. Mixture of weanlings, yearlings, racehorses, and broodmares (5-10k reserves on those who come in foal).

Mordigan - half to SW Mord’Sith
Prince Alexander - half to SW Ch. Princess Dowry
Blue Velvet - dam of 1 MSW and 2 SWs, comes in foal to All That Appeal
Ch. Dark Keeper - MSW/MSP/Millionaire, dam of 1 SW, comes in foal to American Pharaoh, due this year
Ch. Giant’s Frolic - MSW/MSP, first foal is placed this year (2yo). Comes in foal to Fivel.

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Auction open. Happy bidding!

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Weird, the auction doesn’t show how much time is left until horses get sold.

If you click on ‘view your auction watch page’, you’ll be able to see how much time is left for any horses you’ve bid on.

To find out how much time us lacy for any other horses, you’ll have to go onto the actual auction page and click on ‘view horse’ for any horse you’re interested in. Obviously, if a horse says it has no bids, then you don’t need to do that.

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Something does seem broken, though-- the “sold” horses aren’t filtering to the section below. I’ve won bids on three, and they’re still showing as available (on the budget page).

They do show up as sold on my end and are with their new owners, the auction page itself just appears to be wonky.


I think I can’t bit at all in this auction… not sure why but guess that’s why I don’t see the “time left” either.

If you click on ‘View Horse’ by the horse you’re interested in, you should be able to bid on it.

In addition, if the ‘Consigned By’ for a horse is the same as the ‘Bidder’, that means that the auction for that horse has ended.