May 8 Races

I can’t get to my laptop until Friday so I won’t be able to un-stick the races. The one time I decide to truly disconnect on holiday… :roll_eyes::grimacing::sob:


Thanks for letting us know Shanthi :grin:

Disconnected holidays are the best, enjoy!


Call it Murphy’s Law. Things seem to have been running fairly smoothly for the last few weeks, but, the minute you go on holiday, it blows up. Anyway, the way my horses have been running recently, I don’t think it will make any difference whether the races are run on Wednesday or Friday!!!

Don’t worry about it. Just focus on enjoying your holiday.


Enjoy your holiday!

FYI May 11 races did not auto-fill with FF horses.

Races are run and FF entries are in for tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!


Thanks so much Shanthi! :heart: I hope you enjoyed your unplugged holiday!

Hey Shanthi, just letting you know it looks like the claiming races for tomorrow didn’t populate.

My entries are for the 8th are still showing as entered to race on the 8th (on their individual pages).

Same for mine as well, it seems.

Horses are still stuck from May 8 and now show they’re entered for the same race for 2029.

If you go to the Races section of your page and click on where it says how many horses you had entered for May 8th, you need to scratch all of your horses. That will free them up.


Thanks! Didn’t even notice that raceday was still clickable.