Master To-Do List

To Do List (not necessarily in order of priority):

  • Race re-vamp - DONE (1/20/07)

  • Setup shipping (Costs chart) - DONE (8/16/05)

  • Code shipping effects (Timelines, energy/fitness effects, etc.) - DONE (1/10/06)

  • Setup shipping for horse sales/auctions/etc

  • Setup odds/weights/handicapping - DONE (1/20/07)

  • Setup FF-owned stables

  • Training/workouts - DONE (7/3/06)

  • Overhaul database - DONE

  • Show race nominations on horse pages - DONE (9/14/05)

  • Show auction consignment(s) on horse pages - DONE (9/12/05)

  • Fix speed records page - DONE (7/23/05)

  • Color-code training summary - DONE (8/15/05)

  • Fix/revamp stable budget - DONE (8/16/05)

  • Fix Random horse generation - DONE (1/18/05)

  • Automate Random horse generation - DONE (8/12/07)

  • Activity Point Redeeming - DONE (9/3/06)

  • Hypothetical mating page - DONE (1/6/06)

  • Display dirt/turf/SC on the race results - DONE (8/21/05)

  • Fix GOTs (re: gender/missing lines) - DONE (9/18/05)

  • Reclaim horses from stables that have current warnings about horse limits - DONE (1/12/06)

  • List the min. race a horse qualifies for on their page - DONE (8/23/06)

  • Automate betting/handicapping

  • Automate joining - DONE (9/22/05)

  • Automate quitting - DONE (9/22/05)

  • Automate waiting list - DONE (8/12/07)

  • Allow stables to put themselves on hold (max. 2mos.)

  • Allow private auctions - DONE (1/25/05)

  • Automate Color War activity tracking

  • Revamp sire standings/rankings page

  • Setup outside stable view - DONE (9/26/06)

  • Create stable statistics (Horses owned, horses bred, etc.)

  • User preferences
    [*]Stable notes - DONE (12/13/06)

  • Customize site colors - DONE (4/7/07)

  • Customize site layouts - DONE (9/15/07)

  • Default equipment for each horse - DONE (10/31/06)

  • Default stable view

  • Highlight race results

  • Edit user info - DONE (7/30/06)

  • Recent entries/results/breedings/warnings/etc - DONE (9/3/06)
    ]Clean up HTML on all pages[/:m]
    ]Clean up code on all pages[/:m]
    ]Finish Hall of Fame page - DONE (9/1/06)[/:m]
    ]Revamp searching - DONE (9/1/06)[/:m]
    ]Search race schedule - DONE (9/14/05)[/:m]
    ]Search race results[/:m]
    ]Create drop-down list of horses eligible for a race to enter - DONE (12/12/06)[/:m]
    ]Enter horse from their page[/:m]
    ]View history for a given race[/:m]
    ]View nominations for a horse - DONE (9/14/05)[/:m]
    ]Breeders’ Series nominations - DONE (9/15/05)[/:m]
    ]Vet check[/:m]
    ]Leasing - DONE (7/31/07)[/:m]
    ]Fix stallion bookings - DONE - 12/7/06[/:m]
    ]Setup confirmation for retiring horses[/:m]
    ]Allow mares younger than 4 to be retired to broodmare status if they have a career-ending injury – do not allow them to breed, however - DONE - 5/23/07[/:m]
    ]Finish catalog view[/:m]
    ]Integrate forum & website for SSO - DONE (9/20/07)[/:m]
    ]Create jockey creation script[/:m]
    ]FF Stables[/:m]
    ]Future Entries[/:m]
    ]Fix budgets in activity points table[/*:m][/list:u]

Will be updated/added to as needed.

Wow! That is a huge list. All sounds really cool Shanthi! Best of luck with getting it done… :slight_smile:

The basic speed records page is now back. I’ll be adding links so you can view the speed records from past racing programs as well as links so you can get to the dirt/turf/steeplechase sections faster, but enjoy this for now. :slight_smile:

Wow I love it :smiley:

That is way cool Andrea! :slight_smile:

Some interesting records there!

wow it all sounds really great!!

Race schedule is now searchable. Go to View Schedule and there’s a link.

Please report any combo’s that look like they give incredibly wacky results.

Note: Not selecting ANY options for a category is the same as selecting all of them. So if you don’t care what caliber the race is, simply leave all the checkboxes next to the Maiden, Allowance, etc options blank. Similarly clicking on one of the round buttons locks you in to either ALL races of that type or none. So if you want to see all SC races and don’t care about the gender restrictions, don’t use the gender boxes.

Awesome Andrea! Been looking forward to something like this for ages! :slight_smile:

When searching any number of combos and checking Grade 1 I get the following error.

You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘ORDER BY ff_races.Date’ at line 1

if I check any other grade levels it seems to work.


the search for Churchhill Downs doesn’t seem to be working either.

When I searched Just Stakes ( G1-3) and Just Churchhill downs. I got a list of 255 stakes races from I think most every track.

I’m having entirely too much fun with this …

i love the race search feature it makes entering the races so much better, just a quick question all the shiping costs and that will it start next year?

Yes, shipping costs start next year.

Some minor changes made to hopefully make it more user-friendly… Age and Nominations are now checkboxes. Checking both options is the same as checking none for those two sections.

This new featire is so great! It will defenately help me with finding the right races for my horses.

Speed records should now be re-fixed and shortly updated to reflect the last month and a half of races (which it apparently decided to ignore).

Shipping’s done.  :slight_smile: You’ll see it in 2011.

I like the “Allow stables to put themselves on hold (max. 2mos.)” idea.  :slight_smile: