Mass Spring Clean Auction

The Black Storm West Auction starts one week from today, and it includes yearlings, racehorses, and broodmares (some open, some in foal for this year, some for next year). The barn needs a mass spring clean so I’ve been brutal with assessing who stays and who goes, mostly for the benefit of horses I wish to keep and really focus on. There’s currently over 60 horses and most are without reserves. I will likely add several more depending on how the next two racemeets go, and as I continue to give a hard look at my herd (especially my 100+ yearlings).

Auction begins tomorrow. Final verdict is 75 horses, almost all without reserves as I’m most interested in cleaning out the herd for my sake. Happy bidding!

HUGE thanks for everyone who purchased a horse. The auction ends on Sunday, and there are a handful of horses still left. The two with reserves are Tellthecaptain (reserve: 20k) and Chase Me Home (reserve: 5k) - both come in foal for 2025.

Broodmare Diamond Lover (no reserve) now comes in foal to Honeydukes.