Mares were in foal, now aren't anymore

I had all of my mares in foal, but now three of them (Mist Win, Dance Deelite, Xcientist) are not anymore. I know that Xcientist was bred to Quarren, but I can’t remember who the other two mares were in foal to. I just know everyone in my stable was in foal :sweat_smile:

I’ve just checked and the code had retired Quarren :disappointed:

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Nooo not him. I really liked Quarren.

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Yeah looks like all 3 of those mares are at Generous so likely all were bred to Quarren. We had a mare due to him for next year as well, but not anymore. I think we JUST missed her bred date.

Sorry to see him be retired so early.

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Ahh that’s unlucky. Well mystery solved I guess :cry:

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I have several mares:

  • Take Me To Alaska, listed as having been bred to Formal Occasion with a due date in my notebook of 1/26/26. No charge listed.
    *Cash Out, is in my notebook as having been bred to Sunday Paper, due 1/30/26 and is now not in foal. No charge listed.
    *Sincerely Black, is listed in my book as IFT Gang of Thieves, due 2/1/26 and is now not in foal. Charge listed on 2/8/26.
    *Ripe Dart is listed in my book as bred to Last for More with a due date of 2/6/26 and is now not in foal. Charge listed on 2/8/26.
    *Raise A Daisy & Olivias Wild were IFT to Quarren but I think we resolved that issue.

So my ladies are sort of all over the place.

In sad news - I just looked and Sunday Paper has been retired. The code killed Formal Occasion (not on stallion or retired stallion list either) on 3/10 - his breeding for a January foal should stand though right?.

I saw the booking for Ripe Dart to Last For More, once the booking date had passed it just disappeared. I never got a notification that she had been bred. I checked this morning and now a FF mare has taken the slot. If this cant be fixed then I can offer you another slot with an adjusted fee?

I wonder if since I bred her just before the Feb 9 update, that made things go a little sideways? And then I just missed that she came back up? I went ahead and booked her for April 7 and then I’ll breed her if this doesn’t resolve. @Shanthi would you prefer that Nicole and I just arrange a $0 breeding (assuming Nicole got paid) instead of fixing it another way? I don’t mind the change in due date in the least, so whatever is the least work for you.

As an aside I also booked Sincerely Black, but haven’t bred her, to Gang of Thieves so I at least have the spot reserved.

So something weird happened when you put in for Ripe Darts booking! I went to modify the fee and it had the date at 2/21 on the modification screen…which I believe is her original slot. I had to recreate the entire booking for it to reappear in the booking list and the second time it showed 4/15.

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I noticed she suddenly had “2 Bookings Approved” next to her name. Weird.

The code retired Blue Smoke a few weeks ago, don,t know if any mares were booked to him.

That would be easiest, thanks. I can also adjust the foal’s birthday after the fact if you do want to respect the original slot.