✅ Mare Simultaneously In Foal and Not In Foal

There were a couple of mares that I bred yesterday, prior to the DB being restored from backup (?). All of them show up as “not bred” on my stable notification home page. When I go to rebreed them, however, I can’t.

Please let me know if you need me to provide a complete list of the affected mares.

Yep - I’ll need the list. The horses table got backed up, so the actual foal was wiped out, but the breedings table was unchanged so her breeding status didn’t change.

Inside Job (28496)
Hollywood Lights (31827)
Ways and Means (31320)
Fable Spinner (25073)

Related but not: my mares Your Song and Tough Space show as in-foal on their pages but are listed as haven’t been bred yet on the Stable Overview. Crystal Star is doing what Cricket Hill’s mares are doing with not showing as being in-foal until you click on Breed This Mare.

Sooo…the hiccup with the horses getting deleted has left my mare, Aria, simultaneously in foal and not in foal. Lol.

Edited to Add: Looks like Chasing Gold is in the same boat.

Same with Bellagio Chance. Says not bred on homepage but in foal on her details

Same here with pretty much all my mares ^^

I think this should be fixed.

So…I just found another one.

It says Club Liquid is due 12/22/25 to Fading Colours, which is interesting in itself because when I re-bred her after The Oopsie it said she was due 12/6. Anyhow, after “Next Foal” it says she isn’t in foal.

Edited to Add: It now says she’s due 12/8. I think her due date is bugged, too.

Fixed - her due date record had been erased so the code essentially does a new estimate to replace it every time you load her page.

That makes sense. Thank you for working on this for me!

Hi Shanthi, my mare Diamond Etched foaled January 7th but when I try to breed her (she has a reserved booking to Nobly Regal) it says she’s already in foal. She is listed as unbred on Nobly Regal’s arrange bookings page, but does not appear on the Stable Overview as bred.


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Fable Spinner appears to be correctly bred, but has not been removed from my stable notifications of unbred mares.

I have the same problem with Aphrodite (12286). She was successfully bred and shows as “ In foal to Sponsored, due 1/31/26” but still shows as not bred on my stable page.

@CricketHill / @Starfish - both of them had the opposite problem…breeding record set, but no foal exists. Both should be reset so they can be re-bred.

I re-bred Aphrodite today and now she no longer shows as “Not in Foal”.

Two more with the same problem, however. Both foaled today and were supposedly bred successfully.

Unsubstantiated (6692) - Status " In foal to First Born Son, due 2/7/26"

Nicci (4218) - Status " In foal to Hogsmeade, due 2/4/26"

Dal Riata was bred today and appears to be in foal, but remains on the “not bred yet” list on the stable notifications page.

Both of these are still showing as not having been bred on our Stable Overview page, although they are showing as in Foal for 2026 on their individual horse info page.

In addition, Rebeldeen (6663), is now showing the same thing.

It seems I am having this issue. They are leaving the “not bred” list on the stable overview, but on the broodmare page and their foals page they are listed as not in foal. If you go to breed mare they are in foal. I only noticed because I had a mare come up as “due December 20 2025” from a breeding so that’s terrifying. She doesn’t show up on the sire’s page as being IFT him either.

The mare in question is View Horse: Love To Doodle

It looks like she’s the only one. Maybe because she’s somehow foaling in 2025? I don’t know what slot she was booked for I didn’t check (grad school brain).