✅ Mare may or may not be in foal

My freshman broodmares Vampris and Swanheart are listed on my Stable page as unbred with no bookings. Their pages show they are not in foal. However, when I go to their Breed This Mare or Foals pages it says they’re in foal. Both mares appear on Venture His Due’s Foals page in terms of expected 2026 foals.

Both were already at the farm, so no shipping required, and both were retired late last year.

Related, I also have a few mares showing on the Stable page as unbred when their personal page shows in foal (ex: Golden Indy, Hollywood Sunset).

So I managed to get fix about half of the mares. The following have not been fixed, though, and will need to be re-bred.

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Smokey the Bear
Golden Indy
Hollywood Sunset
Blue Velvet
Special Top
Highland Flower
Snow Garden
Once Upon A Dream
Ace No Trumps
Beyond You
Formal Finale
Tottenham Dancer
Deadly Devotion
Cat Surfer
Kiss Chasey
Light Up Your Life
Can’t Catch Arrow
Tuatha De Danann
Causeway Session
Humorous Trick
Journeys End
Kingston Coup
Pink Ace
Three of Twelve
Unbridled Miracle
Xtra Xtra

I have this mare that is still showing as in foal, she gave birth today. Her foal isn’t showing in my weanling list either.
Ms. Indy Slew


I just tried to breed her and after I hit the breed the foal button, it says she’s already in foal.

Thanks Shanthi. I still have Smaug (View Horse: Smaug) showing as in foal for 2025 but she had her filly this morning (not showing in my weanling list either).

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K, now this should be fixed.

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Also fixed.

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Thank you

Thanks Shanthi!

Thank you Shanthi! I re-bred all of mine, and it looks like they are all showing as in foal except Xtra Xtra and Pink Ace.

When I go to Xtra Xtra’s breed this mare page, it says she is in foal due Feb 6th 2026. On her main page it says not in foal, and she is still showing as not in foal on the stable page.

Pink Ace shows as being in foal on her page, but the stable page is saying she isn’t in foal.

Update as of 1/15: I have two more mares that are showing as not in foal on the main stable overview page, Abstract Escape and Blaze of the Soul.

Everyone except Your Song is cooperating. She shows as unbred on the Stable Overview page, but is listed as in foal on her personal page.

Edit: Diamond Etched foaled January 7th, shipped, and no longer shows as in foal but when I click Breed This Foal (she is booked to Nobly Regal) the page says: “Diamond Etched is still in foal.”