Mare In Foal/Not In Foal

Just discovered that Hemisphere is In Foal for this year on her page (and on the “next foal due 4/7”) but also listed on the not in foal list on my front page. Would explain why her foal is a month late.

Interesting. I have Yuzu that shows the same from what I can tell.

I thought I read that they can be like 6 weeks overdue through before its something to really worry about as a glitch,

If they are on the Not in Foal list on the stable page but show In Foal on their page, it’s part of a known bug from a server bug last summer. The foal may not actually exist, but I would need to get it resolved to breed the mare anyway.

Yup thats exactly how mine looks.

Mine looks that way for a leased mare, Cuddly Triangle.

@Shanthi can you take a look into these mares?

Hey @Shanthi not urgent, just wanted to record it. The mare still shows as in foal, but when I go to “Breed This Mare” I can select a stallion. I did look in my budget from last year and shows I paid 25k for the breeding on 4/9/25. If the foal isn’t in the system do you think I could get a refund? The mare is Hemisphere and she was booked to Gun Runner.