Mare in foal but not

Lingerie just had a December foal by Local Haunt. She shows as not in foal on her page, but when I went to breed her she shows up as in foal to All that Appeal and due this June.

She is not listed on All That Appeal’s Foals page as a mare in foal to him, and I was able to book her to Local Haunt again for a 2029 baby but she has not been bred to him yet. She is not listed as unbred on the Stable Overview.

If I remember correctly, she was one who was bred last year (to Local Haunt) but showed as unbred/stuck on the Stable Overview. After she was eventually un-stuck later in the season, I thought her Local Haunt breeding had been wiped as it allowed me to breed her to All That Appeal (which would explain the June due date this year). I’m thinking the system remembered her first breeding even though it no longer appeared. Not sure if her upcoming June baby can be removed so she can be properly re-bred to Local Haunt, or if the best course is just to see if she foals in June and fixes herself.

Always the nice mares causing problems!

I am having the same issue with Oscar Winner View Horse: Oscar Winner

Shows not in foal on her page but if I click ‘breed this mare’, she shows in foal to Space Chips for 2029. She was retired to brood recently so no previous foals.

Similar problem with Red Cadeaux (38983) she was in foal to Vague Writer due 1-8-28 but now is showing as not bred on the stable alerts but on her page it shows not in foal until you click on the foals link then shows due to foal 1-7-28…when I click breed this mare it shows she can be bred immediately… I dont see that she lost the foal it just somehow disappeared with no trace.

I suspect this might be related to the above issue.

Looking at my budget for Jan 7th, it shows that Ablative Armour was bred to Fraggle Rock, however, when I look at Ablative Armour’s breeding page, while Fraggle Rock has a booking for Feb 2, it shows that the breeding hasn’t taken place yet. In addition, Fraggle Rock is showing up as ‘Not in Foal’.