Mare gave birth but is still in foal

My mare Puede Que Haya had a filly today, already born and I was able to name her: Binge It, but her status is “Unborn”.
My Stable Page says this:

Puede Que Haya has not been bred yet this year. (1 Booking Approved)

She is booked to Space Chips. I switched her booking and that of another mare, which was booked for an earlier date but is still in foal.

On Puede Que Haya’s page it says:

Puede Que Haya has a unborn filly, Binge It, who was born on January 2nd, 2025

And also:

| Last foal: | Binge It - '25 filly by Gun Runner |

| Next foal: | In foal to Gun Runner, due 1/7/25 |

My mare, Incandescent, also seems to be stuck in limbo with her foal.

I have the same issue with my mare Dragonfly. I have been able to name the foal (Mayfly) but it’s status is unborn. The mares page says last foal :unnamed by Superdocius
And below:next foal due 1/2/25
She can’t be bred

Same with Tottenham High Str and Uninspired, who both foaled last night.

Should be fixed.

I think it’s the same as yesterday - foal not quite born: Enyo.

I have 2 mares that still say ‘In Foal’ and their foals are listed as Unborn. Soft To Touch Gimme Shelter

I have no idea why the daily script isn’t triggering. :confused: Hopefully I’ll figure it out by tomorrow, but I’ve run it manually now.