Looking forward to starting!

Just signed up on the waiting list, I’m looking foward to being an active member of the forum and game.

I’m a sophomore in high school, in good old Iowa.  I had horses for a while, but they weren’t my parent’s thing so they’re gone, unfortunately, moving on to bigger and better things.  I had a palomino filly named Summer.  She really had too much attitude for a bunch of softies like my family was when we got her, but I loved her just the same. 

We sold the horses to make room for our real calling.  We raise llamas and Nigerian Dwarf goats now, which my parents adore almost as much as me.  I personally own 7 animals, but between my parents and me we have over 20. 

I go on a lot of trips for school and FFA, and want to attend a good vet school someday.  Many thanks to the person that came up with this awesome game idea.

Welcome to the game!