Look At Poor Blue!!


href=‘http://photos.yahoo.com/halterhorses4life’ target=’_blank’>Poor Blue

oh my gosh what happened?!

Is everyone okay?? The horse trailer wasn’t on was it? I have never been in a car accident

before but boy does it look scary…hopefully you’ll get a big fat insurance check…


sorry to see that Nadia…

I was in an accident on Tuesday. Oops, I guess I posted it

to my team and no one else. DUH!!

Anyway, everyone is okay. Can you believe the guy who

hit me drove his truck away???!!!???!!!

I have a ton of bruises and a minor head injury

(if there is such a thing). Mostly sore and I’ve been having a pitty party since the


No, the horse trailer wasn’t on it, thankfully.

And I don’t remember a

ton about the accident, lucky me.

Hit and run!!! A-hole!

That is the worst…well ya know he’s got to have some damage on the front of his vehical so

maybe they’ll be found. I’m glad to hear everyone is okay and the horse trailer wasn’t


OMG!!! I have thankfully

not been in a car accident, but, omg, omg, omg! tells self to calm down. Well, I’m glad

you’re all right! :slight_smile:

Eek! I managed to get into

my very first accident myself on Wednesday, so my condolances. I hope it’s fixable, and that

you feel better soon.