Littlefield Auction

Big auction with no reserves. Most of the broodmares are in foal so some real bargains in there! Over 120 listed and probably more to add.
If I put some stallions in there they’ll have reserves on them


Well, we haven’t had a big FF auction this year. I think this will make up for it. :laughing:

Definitely going to be spending some money here…


Are you going to put any stallions in?

I can’t add any as it’s set up for broodmares and racehorses only. So I will do another auction once this one is finished. The stallions that will be in it as follows
All That Appeal
Hollywood Knight
Vague Writer

Happy bidding everyone on the upcoming sale


Quite disappointed with my auction so far. Mainly the low prices most have gone for, especially the broodmares as most are in foal!
It appears that the game has lost some of its something or other?? Maybe that’s just me ???
Thoughts anyone…

I feel market prices have been super low for quite some time, and it’s mostly due to high supply and low demand (in terms of # of players). I will say being able to sell 90+ horses in a single auction is really great though! I’ve definitely had to retire 1/3 of my consignments after they weren’t bid on. I think people also mostly avoid bidding against each other if they can.

As a buyer, I was extremely happy to pick up 6 horses (2 in foal) for very very cheap. I had a couple other bids but since 6 were going well, and really I don’t need more horses, I didn’t feel like fighting for the extra 2. I did put in high bids on my favorites, and was just presently surprised no one challenged. I also feel the market favors 0-3yos right now for young race stock and prospects people can campaign for a few years vs wanting to chance 4yo+ horses nearing retirement (and older colts just have no value beyond their remaining racing years). Broodmares have always been hard to move. I do look forward to the stallion auction, which will likely spur more bidding wars.


I bought GCh. Secret Pleasure, a multi-millionaire broodmare in foal to silver ranked NCh. French Ruby, for just $1,000! Quite surprised. I always admired Littlefield horses but I also feel like others are better at racing them :wink:

I don’t know if it’s possible technically, but a general stallion auction would be super exciting!! I would consign mine if I could buy another, with different bloodlines.


I think Shelbie’s hit the nail on the head. There’s huge numbers of horses in the game but not many active players now sadly.

Thank you for the opportunity to purchase back some of my homebreds (and one or two extras!)

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I think the only way to guarantee you get more than the minimum amount is to set reserve prices. There isn’t enough demand for horses (even fancy ones) to expect prices to be driven up by bidding.


Check the general sales page out…
Not doing another auction so stallions are for sale