It’s that time…I’m saying farewell to Final Furlong. Just don’t have the time or patience for it these days. I’m hoping to set up an auction, but with the bugs everywhere, have had two failed attempts. With so many horses, I can’t see doing a forum-style auction, so I’m not yet taking individual requests. If within 2-3 weeks the auction setup still isn’t working, I’ll consider it then. Would prefer to sell horses in bulk, but will see how things go, time-wise. All will remain in training or at the farm.


Sad to see you go. :cry: I would definitely be interested in some of your horses when you get around to selling them.

Also sorry to see you go. Best wishes for the future outside FF.

Sorry to hear that! I hope FF gets better and we’ll see you back someday!

Yes I’m thinking on the same lines, too many horses, not enough time and the ups and downs on the site. But i really don’t want to go, though it takes such a long time to do things… sorry to see you go

Sorry to see you go, but totally understandable. I’ll be keeping an eye out for your horses.

Thanks, its been a hard decision but it’s too time consuming for me now. Hope you find some of my horses there are still some good ones there

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Racehorse and broodmare auction is all set up. Whatever doesn’t sell, I’ll retire or try to race until they’re eligible to retire.

Will set up another auction in a month or two for the yearlings and weanlings.