Liquidating stable

Real life is too busy and I am liquidating most of my stable if you are interested in something most horses are $25 k All except any gold ranked
Make an offer and we can pos make a deal

Sorry to hear you are leaving us.  :frowning: I wish you well for the future in all that you do

Sorry to see you go. :frowning: You’re welcome back anytime, either to visit or re-join if life calms down again.

So sorry to see you go, I’ve always enjoyed seeing your achievements! I wish you the very best <3

Sorry to see you go; you’ve been around FF for ages! Hopefully things calm down in RL and you can return later down the road. Good luck with your endeavors!

Yeah long time :slight_smile:

So sorry to see you go, you have been here a long time and is a great player. Hope you can come back when life calms down.