✅ Limit of Days on Sales Board

Probably an odd request, but I think it would be nice to instill a limit of how many days a horse can be listed for sale. Mostly saying this because there are a few horses on the Sales Board whose owner hasn’t logged in for a year or more so they’re just sitting there. The economy is a little congested, so periodically cleaning up the board (even if it’s like…120 day limit / 4 months) would help keep inactively-owned horses from lingering. I keep an eye on the sales board count and when I see it’s increased I’m curious to look for new horses, but with 170+ it’s difficult to tell who is new. Periodic cleanup might help.

Another but similar topic idea: incentives for retiring? Could be cash, could be activity points – again, lots of horses on the Sales Board that will probably never sell because 1) they’re old and over the hill, and/or 2) they’ve been on the Sales Board for a VERY long time. Might also provide an incentive for retiring unwanted or unsound broodmares to help with the market.


Oh I love both of these ideas!

I’ve been retiring several horses instead of trying to sell and some incentive would be nice hah

Definitely a fan of a page clean up (even though I’ve got four who’ve been lingering on there for a little while!). It might prompt me to retire a few that I really should!

I would also be a fan of the cleanup! It makes it hard right now to find new horses and great opportunities (like all the Generous Bloodstock leases last year!).

This is a fantastic idea! It sure does make it hard to see any new sales horses with there being so many old sales still on the board!

Also low-key asking for inactive account purges…slash auctions. :sweat_smile:

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Ha ha! I put most up for lease as I didn’t think I’d have as much time for them all with a new baby. Glad you enjoyed having them!


I might also be taking advantage of your horses as well :smiley: Thanks for leasing them out!

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Not a problem. As long as they’re running well, I’m happy!

Sale and lease offers will now expire after 3 months, and stables will get an alert on their stable page that the listing has expired.

(This excludes private sale/lease offers, which will last indefinitely.)


Love this! Thanks Shanthi!!

Thanks Shanthi! This is awesome.

Thanks Shanthi!

Great idea, maybe a good time to auction or share out horses from any inactive stables??
Perhaps share them out equally to new players or the smaller yards??


This is amazing – thank you so much!

I like the idea of an auction.


Auction is tricky as it requires tracking what horses owned what stables, but I’ll see what I can do.