Life Sucks And Then You DIE!

Ohmigosh… FF hates me this week.  First it retires I’m A Classic, then it kills one of my young mares during foaling. 
Life sucks and then you DIE!

Sorry about your mare. :frowning:

Sorry to hear , been there done that!  Last yr a 9yo and this yr a maiden 7yo. :frowning:

Boo! Those bad years hopefully only come along once. Same thing happened to me with Ebony Star for her first foaling year when the foal survived but sadly she didn’t  :frowning:

Yeah, foal survived.  She was only 11.  I think this was her third or fourth foal.  Major bummer.  Needless to say I’m keeping her filly from last year and her colt this year, and I’m kind of tempted to see if I can buy back her I’m A Classic baby, but that’s mainly me being sentimental while licking my wounds.

Sorry you’ve had such rotten luck recently :frowning:

Glad it’s just a game.  I’d  probably be suicidal if this was happening IRL, lol.

FF is getting old enough that stud retirement is probably going to become a common thing. While as a stallion owner it sucks, stud retirements make way for new blood. Furthermore, when more established studs retire it frees up the “good” mares for less proven studs. Circle of life and all that.

I’m sorry to hear about your mare. I still haven’t gotten over the loss of NCh. Gotta Be a Natural, one of the nicest mares I’ve ever raced. She died after giving birth to her first foal. To add insult to injury, it was a colt!

Hope the rest of the season is better for you.

Yes, I understand the circle of life/stallion economy thing, but it doesn’t make it suck any less, lol.

Thank you all for your support and putting up with me

If it helps, you got 50% in to the projected active lifespan of a stallion. IAC could have retired at age 10. :wink: (He also could’ve made it to 20, but I’m going half-glass-full here.)

Maybe in a future rewrite the owner can determine when to retire a stallion, depending on his labs (each year have the stallion do some labs to check fertility, oncoming diseases, etc).  Just an idea.

That would require adding in fertility, and would make breeding a lot more complicated. That still wouldn’t prevent the game from making your stud permanently infertile, either, which would be the same sucky scenario but with more detail involved.

I may add in some sort of fertility thing in the future, but if I do, it will be very basic.