I noticed some mares have stillborn foals. Does the game allow for a live foal guarantee from the stallion owners?

I might be wrong, but from my knowledge Final Furlong does not guarantee a live foal and it’s an “I’m sorry to hear that, but oh well” situation. Some player owned stallions do offer LFG, such as Stillwater Farms, and they generally post if they offer LFG in the main thread.

FF offers no live foal guarantee…if anything, the opposite is true (as in, FF guarantees that SOME foals WILL die :wink:).  It happens in real life, it happens MUCH less often in FF, and that’s the story.

Many owners offer a LFG on their studs, and I have yet to run into an owner who wasn’t flexible when you actually lose a foal.

Most stables offer LFG, my stable has always offered it but I don’t think anybody has every taken me up on it, not once, which is too bad. I even have it advertised in my signature below…always have.