Leasing Problems

Hey, I have tried to lease two horses, [color=red]Under the Moon and [color=blue]Turn For The Worse and each time I press the button to lease them out I get the following error.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function myqsl_query() in /home/finalfur/public_html/lease.php on line 51


I tried to lease the mare [color=red]Swing Vote and it keeps saying the mare is no longer available to lease despite being on my Personal Leases page.

I’ve got this error too for Smilin’ Irish, ID#1596.

Fixed.  In the process, I started the lease on Smilin’ Irish for you, Jason.  (Your stable was my guinea pig :wink:).

Woohoo, thanks, Shanthi!

Thanks Shanthi for fixing that! :slight_smile:

Thanks Shanthi!