Leasing Horses for 2022

Everything in my stable is available for a yearlong lease for $1,000. I don’t have the $$$ to race them all (only one horse brought home a paycheck in all of January and it was a pittance), and also breed my mares so please consider leasing these ponies out.

Only horses not available for lease are Crown of Oak (recent injury), Diamond Rose (recent injury), Diamond In The Sky, Selma, Heart Of Glory, Dawn Will Come, IrresistableZephyr (just returned from Australia), and Starfleet Captain. If you do want to lease out any of the previously mentioned, we may be able to work something out.

PM me which horses you want!

Claimed horses…

  • Divina Commedia
  • Red Harted Queen
  • USS Vengeance
  • Maple Chime
  • Sun Also Rises
  • Aureus Stella
  • Amatus
  • Arkenstone
  • Daoimean
  • Anyanwu
  • Cordoba
  • Adamas
  • Justicar
  • Napa Valley
  • Arbella
  • Book of Amun-Ra
  • Blue Monday
  • Anticipate
  • Twice Blessed
  • Stellar Starbound
  • Black And Gold
  • Lord Somerled
  • Nine Rings
  • Red Sky Warning
  • Sweet Ginger Brew
  • Year Of The Horse

Still have a lot of horses for lease for cheap!

I have put up almost all of my racers and open broodmares for lease. $1000 for the year for each horse.

As usual, I picked up too many, haha.

My horses and I are eternally grateful  ;D

I have a lot of luck with your horses, usually! Arkenstone was 3rd in the G1 Tattersalls Gold Cup last out, Amatus was 2nd in the G1 Melair Stakes, Stellar Starbound was 4th in an Ungr., and both Twice Blessed and USS Vengeance have won 2 of their 4 starts this year. My own kids need to take a few notes. :wink:

ha ha you manage my horses better than I do  :wink:

Now that it’s December, if anyone who’s been leasing my horses would like to lease them again next year, please let me know! I may also lease out everybody else but my teeny tiny handful of soon-to-be-2YOs-and-3YOs that I haven’t successfully ruined yet.

I know we’ve already spoken, but just to keep it in one spot, I’d love to renew leases on:

Amatus, Aureus Stella, Sun Also Rises, Twice Blessed, USS Vengeance

Others don’t end until May so I’ll just be in touch later. :]

I’m willing to re-lease any I currently have :smiley: Currently on my phone or I’d post them all.

When you have the chance, please post their names in this thread or by PM so that I know which ones to re-lease to you!

Agent Carter
Blue Monday
Book of Amun Ra
Chinook Winds
Dance the Remigold
Knight Enchanter
Lord Valmont
Midnight City
Napa Valley

The ponies named in this thread have been relisted. Please message me if there is any horse you are currently leasing from me that you’d like to lease again.