Leasing horses for 2020.

Due to time constraints and the ability to bork my budget without even realizing it, I’m going to put up most of my racers and broodmares for lease next year. I still have to sort out which horses I won’t be leasing so watch this space for the next day or two. Soon as I have the list posted, feel free to start PMing me which horses and broodmares you’d like to lease from me. This includes the upcoming 2YOs.

Horses NOT Available for Lease 2020


Age of Mythology
Crown of Nefertiti
Electric Avenue
Idol of Babylon
Light Up The Sky
Live Laugh Love
Shine Brighter
Sweet Ginger Brew
This Is War

Agent Carter
Book of Amun-Ra
Ching Shih
Diamond In The Sky
Lord Somerled
Red Sky Warning
Rhapsody in Gold
Starfleet Captain
Stellar Starbound
There Be Dragons

Diamond Prospector
Enchanted Evening
Fade to Black
Fairy Wish
Light Up Your Life
Rainy Day Morning
Scotland’s Glory
What’s Honor

All other racehorses will be available to lease for $5k for six months with the option of extending the lease to the end of the year free of charge. All other broodmares will be for available for lease for $5k after they foal. All other newly turned 2YOs will be available for lease starting… whenever they show up in the training summary lol. $3k for six months with the option to extend the lease to the end of the year free of charge.


July Confection
The Tessaract

Farewell to Arms
Voodoo Cocktail


Scots Grey

I still have a lot of horses up for lease. At the end of January, any 3YO+ horse that hasn’t been leased out will go up for public lease for $7k for six months; broodmares that aren’t leased before or about 30 days after foaling will go up for $8k for the year.

28 3YO+ racehorses are up for lease, six months for $7k.

Added new broodmare leases for $8k.

Will be putting up 2YOs for $2k each, good through the end of the year. Still have plenty of older racehorses and broodmares for lease.

Added more broodmares for lease, $8k each for a year, (and have one broodmare for sale, fairly cheap). Still have racehorses for lease, from older horses to two year olds.

I still have a lot of broodmares and racehorses up for lease. Racehorses have all been at the farm for at least a month so they just need a few workouts at the track to be race ready. PM me and I can adjust lease dates so you can have the full six months with the racehorse leases and the full year with the broodies.

Just a note that you don’t need to tweak the dates for broodmares. As long as the lease is active when the mare is bred, the leaser gets the foal. (The one-year limit on mare leases is just to make it obvious that you do get the mare for a full gestational cycle.)

Forgot about that, thanks for the reminder. As you can tell, I’m not all that used to dealing with broodmare leasing lol

No worries, just wanted to save you the hassle of tweaking their leases. :slight_smile:

I took a pair of fillies off of your hands for a bit :slight_smile: I’m a glutton got punishment, love the 2yos