Leased Horses

I just noticed when going to return a leased broodmare when it said I would get a refund based on the fact the lease still had several months to go. I can understand a refund for racehorses as you need them in your stable to run them but since the breeding is the only point for leasing a mare and that only takes a short time and then you can send the mare home it doesn’t seem fair to the leaser.

Though this seems like something you probably already know about

It’s come in handy for me this year because the mare I leased lost the foal and the owner had already booked the mare to another stud. So in situations like this, I think it makes perfect sense. And the leaser doesn’t always have to request refunds. For me if you lease a racehorse you leased the racehorse. Unless you contact me saying you won’t have time, something came up in RL, ect., I probably won’t agree to a refund because you willingly leased the horse. Personal preference.

A question about Lease horses.

I just bought a Broodmare, Franky’s Landed, in the Day Break Stables auction. I didn’t realize that she was leased to Fox Run until November. Presumably, as the lease didn’t end when the bidding for her closed, she will remain with Fox Run until November.

My question is this:- She is in foal to Gilded Saint and is due in January 2018. What happens to the foal when it is born? Is it owned by Day Break (who was the owner when she was bred), Fox Run (who is the current leasee, although they weren’t either when she was bred or when she is due to foal) or ourselves (who she should have reverted back to after the lease to Fox Run ends)?

I’m not sure what the issue is?

You can end leases early, and you can request a refund. The owner can refuse to end the lease early and/or refuse to refund the lease fee. Refunds are meant to be treated in a common-sense manner, and it’s generally assumed that owner and leaser will communicate in the event of terminating a lease about why it’s being terminated and whether a refund is appropriate.

Fox Run’s lease started in November 2016 so clearly they bred the foal that’s due in 2018. Since they bred and owned the foal, and not Day Break, the foal will stay with them.

Technically you shouldn’t be able to auction a horse who’s currently being leased, but I’ll deal with that in the rewrite.

The questions was about the ownership of the foal, but, if I’d been with it this morning, I’d have noticed that the lease started in 2016, so, of course the foal will belong to Fox Run. Duh!!!

Combination of late night last night and our grandson staying overnight so was woken up early. The brain cells weren’t firing on all cylinders when I wrote my post. Sorry to have wasted your time

No worries. :slight_smile:

Oops sorry this is my mistake i must have not read it properly. I didn’t realise the decision was with the owner, I thought it was automatically made. Triple proof read next time :confused:

Nope, both people need to confirm the lease ending (and refund) for it to be cancelled. :slight_smile:

See that makes so much sense I don’t know what I was thinking, no more more bright ideas at midnight.

thanks for your patience!

I don’t think it’s spelled out in the lease system (just sporadically here on the forum), so I should fix that in the beta.

And just to clarify my statement from above, both owner/leaser need to approve ending the lease for it to end. They also both need to approve the refund for it to be awarded, but even if both don’t agree the lease will still end.