Lease Horses- Can't View Workouts/Upcoming races

Description of Issue

Just picked up a couple of leases tonight and I’m not able to view their upcoming races, workouts etc. They both show up in my ‘Training Summary’ and 'Stable Shipping ’ but once I click on their individual pages I can’t look at upcoming races etc. I am able to enter them in races from the ‘Enter Races’ page.

I am guessing it is because the leases don’t officially start until 1st August???

Goodness I didn’t even see that, that is probably why then. My apologies Shanthi!

I was about to ask the same thing! I didn’t even know you could set up a lease that doesn’t start right away. Fun fact: you can choose a workout schedule for them. You just can’t actually work them or view past workouts.

You can set leases to start up to 3 months’ time. I set them up for 1st August to make sure they all had at least a month at the farm.