Last For More Offspring

If anyone has any Last for More babies/runners that they are looking to sell or lease out, I would be willing to take them!!

I’d be willing to lease out Last Girl Standing - I’ve been having trouble keeping up with the herd and would prefer she get experience.
Free lease for a year?

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@ivycreekfarm sounds good to me! I’ll see what I can do with her!

You can lease Miss Manners. She’s promising, but apparently fell off my radar (I have too many ponies). She’d love some attention. Free lease for a year as well? My only request is that I get final say on any switch to SC if that’s a route you choose to take.

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Sure, I’ll give her a try!!

I could sell you Warszawa, a yearling filly out of Nallaloe. She is 3x4 inbred to Awesome Again. Her older half sister by Space Chips runs well as a 2yo.

I’ve got a yearling filly out of Gold ranked Wixiban that I’d be happy to offer you a free lease of for next year. She’s an April baby so hopefully will be ready to run fairly early.

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Yes please!

Yes please !!-

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I’ll set her up in the new year for you.

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Sounds good! Thank you!