La Fiesta

Suffolk Stables is sad to announce that La Fiesta has passed away after giving birth recently to a fine colt Fiesta King by King David.She will be buried on the grounds with our other departed horses.

Sorry for your loss.  We all know how hard it is to lose a mare.  Best of luck with Fiesta King, hopefully he’ll be a nice legacy for your mare.

Sorry for your loss…La Fiesta was a nice mare.

Very sorry to hear that, La Fiesta was a very fine mare, I remember racing some of my mares against her in some of FF’s top stakes races. Best wishes for Fiesta King (great name btw).

Thank you folks.I wish horses didn’t die it’s a very sad occurance.

Aww. I’m late, but I’m sorry about La Fiesta. Hope King Fiesta will do very well for you and be a nice legacy for her and take after his father.

Thank you.